Who We are

Greater Philadelphia Traditions, Inc.(GPT) is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization whose mission is to help keep our Philadelphia Traditions viable each year for the enjoyment and fulfillment of all Philadelphians and our valued visitors.

The Greater Philadelphia Traditions Fund (GPTF) was established to provide funding for the preservation of the unique cultural, historic, educational and recreational events in the City of Philadelphia and surrounding communities.

In recent years, we have seen a disturbing trend: ethnic and cultural parade and festival organizers threatening to cancel their traditions in the absence of funds to pay city costs.

These parades and festivals, which had historically never been asked to pay such costs, today face a precarious and uncertain future. Most are maintained by small non-profit organizations that have little capacity to raise funds beyond their current operating budgets.

In December 2009, Congressman Bob Brady suggested the creation of the Greater Philadelphia Traditions Fund to secure a dedicated funding stream for these parades and festivals.

In April 2010, these parades which include Mummers, Steuben Day, St. Patrick's, Greek, Gay Pride, Odunde Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Puerto Rican, Pulaski and Columbus Day, met with Congressman Brady and his staff to discuss their future.

The meeting culminated in an agreement among all parade organizers to allow Congressman Brady to negotiate a global agreement with the city to cover their obligations. The Traditions Fund would then meet these obligations, in whole or in part, on behalf of the parades and festivals.

A group of local leaders then created Greater Philadelphia Traditions, Inc. to administer the fund and preserve our region’s unique cultural heritage.

While the mission of the GPTF begins with securing the future of Philadelphia's ethnic traditions and parades, it does not end there.

Our role is to encourage Philadelphia traditions that face an uncertain future in uncertain economic times. This crosses all types of traditions from food to music, fine arts to theater and everything in between.

In addition to the saving the Mummers Parade, and most major city ethnic and cultural festivals, we have also supported Martin Luther King Day of Service, the Vendemmia Festival, the 9th Street Italian Market Festival, the Chester Fine Arts Center, the Philly Pops July 4th Patriotic Concert, and we organized a block party to welcome the Jersey Boys to town celebrating the music genre known around the world as the Philadelphia Sound.

One exciting project on our horizon is the creation of a museum that preserves the Sound of Philadelphia. The site of the museum will be on The Avenue of the Arts, location of the recently burned Philadelphia International Records (where this music was written and produced).

Greater Philadelphia Traditions, Inc., and its Greater Philadelphia Traditions Fund, is the premier organization where traditions can go to find assistance.

We are grateful for the support of the philanthropic and corporate communities for recognizing our commitment and for joining us as Signature Partners.